Dazzle colour of stage lighting design
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Whenever see each star on the stage of excellent performances are so surprised, actually behind the success of their performance are also part of stage lighting design.

Stage lighting design requirements can be meet the large-scale song and dance party, literature and art joint performance, drama, concerts and conferences use requirement. As this stage lighting design below:

You need to follow in the lighting design principle is:

All star (1) the white light index should be greater than 1200 ix

Silicon box (2) the light goes: 384 road, 1024 road dimmer and 1024 optical channel. At different locations to provide power for standby light box and direct circuit, can meet the needs of all-round continuous lighting.

(3) each position of the stage to at least more than four direction of pitch Angle of light, a light stereo feeling. At the same time to prevent glare and reflection and useless flare;

The whole stage lighting scheme is as follows

In the whole lighting scheme surface as the front of the stage light area and orchestra rose after the main positive light, four way are considered

Group of two kinds of lamps and lanterns of transverse played stage, for use in deep color or stage lighting, according to two layer arrangement. Reference configuration such as the following: 8 to 16 only 2 kw focusing imaging spotlights, 8 only 2 kw flat convex spotlights and 16 only 2 kw thread spotlight, etc.

Also nots allow to ignore to stage a slap in the face of the lighting, generally about a slap in the face is divided into a slap in the face. A slap in the face of the reference configuration is as follows: a slap in the face all around is to use 2 x 6 only 2 kw of focusing imaging spotlights, 2 x 8 only 2 kw thread spotlights and 2 kw flat convex spot, on the choice of lamps and lanterns can choose copy ETC four type 575 w fixed beam ellipsoid spot lighting, domestic film and television spot. That move light dimmer loop setting, 100 road, 20 straight road.

Star's flagship, generally comes from the false entablature in each kind of performance that the lighting is very important, the reference configuration is as follows:

8 only 2 kw focusing imaging spotlights, 8 only 1 kw of flat convex spotlights, 12 only 2 kw screw thread spotlights and 16 only 1 kw spotlights

Column light role in the whole lighting lighting is one of the traditional close range, but also can be used as a centre-back in the 300-600 the main light, or fully in the box on the ear. The light configuration reference is as follows

8 only 2 kw focusing imaging spotlights, 8 only 2 kw screw thread spotlights, 8 only 1 kw spotlight and 8 only 1 kw flat convex spotlights.

And top light reference configuration: 1 kw and 2 kw thread spotlights, 1 kw flat convex spot is given priority to, adapt to match some 1 kw spotlight focusing imaging and 1 kw canister light color changer in order to satisfy the lights of the different programs.

Stage lighting design, equipment selection is also pretty set in light of indoor dimming units is the control core of the stage lighting system, must meet all kinds of comprehensive use of theatrical performances and meeting requirements.

Usually cut light platform operation requirements to achieve fast and flexible control setting, powerful, the scene editor is convenient; Both centralized control, also can move light alone.

There is the configuration of the lamps and lanterns must strictly conform to the stage lighting design standards, on the choice of light, we must give full consideration to the opera performance and function of the meeting, with the current international advanced energy-saving lamps and lanterns of cold light beam, and it can be used as a meeting lighting lamps and lanterns, can also be used as performance.

Now a lot of stage props chose amount, if you want to use amount so suggest that we use color changing amount of shook his head, usually super scanning amount CYM trichromatic color mixture, can produce need any color, can add xu excellent entertainment atmosphere to the stage.

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