The stage lighting technology system design principles and design requirements
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A lot of people are obsessed with stage lighting design, a show the excellent performance of leave from the function of lighting design, so a large performing arts stage of the lighting system design principles and technical design of the lighting system requirements? Look below the stage lights.

First we show the basic principles of stage lighting system design

Usually an excellent stage lighting system design is strictly follow follow the rule of stage art performance and special use requirements for configuration, at the time of the lighting system design to strictly follow the following principles:


(1) at the time of design must make the perfect stage lighting free space, adapt to all the lighting requirements


(2) the design of the lighting system in order to make the system can run continuously, appropriate to increase reserves and expand the space.


(3) at the time of lighting system design to achieve the design of the corresponding index, for example, the anti-interference ability of the lighting system and safety technical indicators.


(4) at the time of lighting system design we can use new type high efficiency and energy saving cold light lamps and lanterns


(5) at the time of this stage lighting system design we will put the dmx512 digital signal network technology was introduced into the system design of each link


The above five is when we in the lighting system design need to be aware of what time, we simply look at the below the process design requirements of the system

1) first of all, the system of process design and equipment configuration has integrated the use function of theatre it can in a short period of time can rotate a variety of different types and the lights of the operating plan.


(2) usually meet in the design of system process can be a short period of time from a lighting scheme quickly switch to another lighting solution


(3) the choice of lighting technology in the design of equipment is completely accords with the technical requirements of the stage background noise


(4) the most important point is that the lighting system process design must have enough storage capacity and safety, the whole system on the premise of not interrupt the main power supply, to console for diagnostic work-up.

A charming behind the stage lighting design work is the only meet the requirements of the above design can make the whole stage, send out infinite brilliance.

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