Shook his head lamps and lanterns in the cleaning maintenance tips
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Moving head light, as now, dance halls, karaoke entertainment lamps and lanterns is required, such as the build atmosphere effect always plays an important role, so once we shook his head lamps and lanterns appears small damage, how can we repair? Here just shook his head and share with you the maintenance cleaning tips of lamps and lanterns.

(1), the preparation of the instruments

Please prepare a something like a small carton to hold easy missing screws, best served in a small dish with interval, and arranged according to the order of the installation, even though they of screw thread and the size of the nailhead is roughly same, but the length is respectively - this is much more easy to distinguish.

(2), good wear proof electric gloves

Before the repair circuit board, be sure to wear good anti-static hand take first, to the human body electrostatic guide into the ground. If you do not, there will be risk of damaged components: think about it, just walk on nylon carpet, can produce up to 12000 volt electrostatic! So don't ignore the harm of static electricity.

(3), cleaning, moving head light

In clean moving head light of optical components to be very careful, because the glass pattern pieces and dichroic filter can be easily scratched - these scratches place will look particularly when projected through design, if no special cleaning fluid, it is easy to damage the surface of the lens. To use industrial alcohol to clean the mirror, lens, design and filters, and with distilled water to rinse (Martin Pro series lamps and lanterns also requires the use of added special protection lens component of water to wash, kodak pictures cleaner, for example, to prevent the occurrence of stripe and lens small spots), will also use anti-static cloth or use hair dryer to dry lens. Be especially careful when remove the lights, do not use hand to touch the bulb directly, because through the use of the elder, the surface of the light bulb will become thinner, are more likely to break.

(4), remove the power supply, can remove the lamps and lanterns of lamp shell

The first step to see where the problem is with the naked eye, it can be seen after clean lamps and lanterns, it is not easy to see that problem: for example, due to the leakage of tracking marks on the circuit board is easy to see, but rather ugly after cleaning (although these most likely to be caused by dust problem!

(5), after test and determine the problems, you can start the cleaning job

First to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust as far as possible, preferably those with small pig hair brushes, special thoroughly clean up. Pay particular attention to the area around the fan, the accumulation of dust at most. Circuit will cast a thick layer of dust, usually because of the high voltage circuit is particularly large for dust adsorption force, like a magnet adsorption of iron. Circuit board also need extra clean, most of the electronic components suppliers provide dedicated aerosol cleaners. Should pay attention to the use of alcohol, especially because it can dissolve the protective sealer on the circuit board, and part can damage components. Away in the circuit boards of small devices or connection head cleaning, to pay more attention to their original location to avoid wrong direction.

6, check that some loose parts or have very old drive

Mechanical parts can't always keep the best state, the belt is used long, also can become not elastic, that cause the component shift yuan's situation. Change the light bulb, then pretend to good lamp shell, check the little box and the remaining screws. Take a look there is no problem, you can proceed to the PTA test.

All landowners, according to the test program test lamps and lanterns, usually use the built-in DMX address specific code

Check there are no exception occurs, the arrangement pattern, the brake light or color pieces and if everything as usual. Bulb after preheating, is the best time to check the bulb: projected onto a flat plane of the beams, and adjust the light bulb, the center of the strongest illuminate usually three at the back of the adjusting screw is to use the lamps and lanterns, the position of the light bulb slowly good debugging, until the projection beam uniform.

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