KTV lighting design in different position of the lighting design is introduced
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Gorgeous lighting has become a KTV a highlight of attracting customers, KTV light design should notice every corner. Is different in different regions in the KTV function, light design needs to focus on the main points of the natural is different also. Below we will introduce for you KTV lighting design in different location of the lighting design.

A lighting design, KTV hall

Hall is usually used for reception or rest place for everybody, in the area of lighting design need to be pay attention to the choice light color, generally able to bring up the yellow light of lamp act the role ofing is quite reasonable. Hall in decorating a design when the general is given priority to with maroon and the brown color, yellow lighting can create a broad sense, can hearten spirit, improve the efficiency of perspective, is conducive to eliminate and alleviate eye fatigue. But everyone in this lighting design can according to your own hall decorate colour to choose, the most important thing is to reasonable collocation.

Second, KTV appearance placard lamp design

KTV light design appearance placard in the design of the lamp is very important, it is an important symbol of attract customers at night. In the design of signage lights to ensure, under the premise of lighting used on the color selection, careful friends can find now KTV appearance placard lamp design is colorful, when night comes rather attractive.

Third, KTV light design

Room is the key point in the KTV light design, so many KTV operators are very pay attention to the lighting design of this area, it at the time of design in addition to meet the lighting to use and in color design can give you a fashionable breath. Everyone in the lighting design for this time can use a variety of ways, a kind of light used for lighting use and another people entertainment to use lighting design with visitors.

Four, KTV corridor lighting design

Corridor in the lighting design lighting design is also very important, although he is not the KTV main camp but still is a place where people must go through, in this aspect of lighting can be used corridor lighting design is lively lighting design, color rich, hierarchy, artistic conception, can foil a friendly and cordial atmosphere.

Five, KTV designed to the lamplight of toilet

Is designed to the lamplight of toilet has not been everyone's attention, and this is also nots allow to ignore, the lamplight of toilet design for warmth, downy, preferably or romantic emotional appeal, the floor tile of wall of restoring ancient ways in multi level below the illuminate of lamplight magnificently, can bring the beauty of classical.

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